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Appraisals Manager ImageReli-e-Marg has been developing high-end applications for efficient Project Management and Performance Management for various European clients.

Among the applications for effective Performance Management developed by us is the Appraisals Manager.


The Appraisals Manager developed by Reli-e-Marg for CatalystOne eliminates the performance appraisal or annual review and evaluation as the focus and concentrates instead on the entire spectrum of performance management and improvement strategies. Similar to the 360 degrees of a circle, an individual is figuratively at the center of that circle, and feedback is gathered by way of a survey from those in positions to observe the person’s performance: supervisors, direct reports, peers, customers, etc.


Organizations can use the Appraisals Manager successfully to achieve

  • better working relations
  • better communications
  • more information on management performance and style
  • increased effectiveness and productivity of individuals and the organization as a whole
  • knowledge of training needs
  • a better grasp of organizational priorities
  • and greater employee input in designing self-development plans.

The Manager has already built up a proven track record of being used for overall professional development of both the individuals in an organization and the organization itself by providing valuable insight, rather than as just another evaluation tool.

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