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Who we are imageReli-e-MARG's origins can be traced to its founding in 1999 as CatalystOne Inc., U.S.A.’s R&D arm in India, owned then by Norway’s largest Venture Capital firm Kistefos A.S.

Since it’s rechristening as Reli-e-MARG in 2003, the company has grown phenomenally in building and delivering leading object-oriented, distributed, n-tiered and scalable web-enabled technology applications.

The key to Reli-e-Marg’s surviving and thriving in this competitive environment has been to deliver integrated IT systems that streamline and link business processes together along the full length of the service chain. In order to achieve this goal we have implemented cutting edge solutions, making effective use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies along with the Internet and XML, which have become the most important data exchange formats today.

The Company recognizes an enormous unmet need in developing countries like India in the market areas of Fleet management, grid management of utilities like Power/Water/Telecom/Gas networks, Healthcare and Human resources. A market research and customer survey conducted recently said they were very likely to purchase these products/services if it were available locally. These segments of the market therefore have tremendous potential that has been untapped by most of the existing competitors in the industry. These form Reli-e-Marg’s primary target audience.

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