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FleetMgmtApp Application Iconic imageReli-e-Marg have proven expertise in the design and development of 100% web-based feature-rich and user-friendly software providing cost effective Fleet management and Logistics solutions for public and private organizations.

These applications integrate telemetry and messaging systems, that utilize a variety of wireless communication networks for real-time tracking applications. It ensures the fast and efficient registration of received orders. Use of GSM/GPRS data secures fast and effective communication between the customer, office and driver.

Such applications provides fleet managers the tools they need to stay on top of the day-to-day demands of managing an in-house fleet maintenance shop. The solutions are designed to track entire fleets of vehicles or equipment specifically designed around our clients' unique needs. The systems give the driving manager full overview of the entire fleet on one electronic map.

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The tangible benefits and savings derived from implementing such a comprehensive solution are easily visible in the improved operational efficiency, more precise inventory management, savings from improved fuel economy, controlled costs etc.

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