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Directions Iconic imageThe Fleet Management applications we have developed, have powerful in-built, parameterization features that allow for tailoring of the applications to the user's specific requirements, catering for the needs of all types of fleets, from the smallest operator to the largest multi-national.

Modular approach

FleetMgmtApp Features Iconic imageThe Fleet Management applications developed by us for our clients, are offered in modular fashion, with attractive pricing options depending on fleet size, modules installed, and number of concurrent users, making it affordable to the smallest users. In one comprehensive package it combines facilities for controlling and managing the whole spectrum of fleet-related activities.

GPS Technology

Satellite over the Earth iconic imageThe Fleet Management applications developed by us uses the powerful GPS technology to capture, calculate and store the exact locations of the fleet units, route taken etc . The software has a familiar, easy-to-use interface designed to minimize the time taken to learn the program while providing the power and functionality you need. All list, navigation and filtering controls are standard throughout the program. After mastering the controls for any section, a user can easily and effectively enjoy all the powerful features the program offers.

Variety of Configurations

FleetMgmtApp configurations imageIn addition to the above, the applications provide various configurations, like on-board computers, wireless devices, handheld/touch screen devices and printers. Apart from the standard GSM SMS mobile equipment, Palm tops and PDAs, other personal alarm devices with geo-fencing capabilities are readily configured like the Benefon, the GAP HiPER. The software even caters to information received from stationary tracking devices like the Nokia Observation Camera.

The Fleet Management applications run on standard PC equipment, or on larger Networks (LAN or WAN) making full use of the Windows environment. The software comes complete with an outstanding on-line context-sensitive help manual, and has full support options.Click on this button to go to top of page

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