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FleetMgmtApp Benefits Iconic imageThe Fleet Mgmt Applications developed by us for our clients, offer several benefits to both- the fleet management staff as well as the Customers.

These can be summarized as follows:

General Benefits

  1. Enhanced survey of all resources Customers, orders, vehicles, etc.
  2. Order handling adjusted to the Industry Route planning, fixed orders, prices, etc.
  3. Reduced time needed for planning
  4. Deviation handling
  5. Accurate invoicing
  6. Better customer satisfaction
  7. Less hustle and bustle for the employees
Order Handling - Benefits

  1. Adjusted to the industry
  2. Route planning
  3. Fixed orders
  4. Automatic handling Pricing, labeling, route planning
  5. Sending orders to vehicles
  6. Export of data to invoice
  7. Status report
  8. Easy registration and handling
  9. Quick deviation registration - at that very moment
  10. Less double work
  11. Quality management
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Vehicle Communication - Benefits
  1. Orders, messages and positions
  2. Use of existing network (GSM,GPRS, etc.)
  3. The driver gets the right information
  4. Online status reporting
  5. Quality Management
  6. Lower telephone bill
Customer Service - Benefits
  1. Booking practice
  2. Accurate invoice
  3. Inquiring about prices
  4. Customer differentiation
  5. Price lists included
  6. Discounts if needed
  7. Easy to be a customer
  8. Accurate market communication
  9. Fewer errors - fewer complaints
  10. Market reports
What can you offer your customer?
  1. Easy integration to your own system - XML, EDI, text Control on his own logistic chain - all the way to his customer
  2. Track and Trace
  3. Delivery reports
  4. Invoice control - setting of accounts based on the actual execution
  5. Increase the value of invested capital in the ERP system
  6. Increased customer satisfaction
  7. Closer cooperation with you as a transport company
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