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Hospital Information Systems: Benefits offered

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The Hospital Information System applications we have developed under our Healthcare IT product range for our clients, confer various benefits to both Healthcare Providers as well as Patients.

These are summarized below:

Benefits for hospitals/doctors

  1. Reduce administrative costs: by enabling patients to electronically communicate with clinic staff
  2. Reduce redundant data entry: by allowing collected patient data to be directly imported into existing clinical information systems
  3. Combine activities:Combine simple administrative functions like online content management and online health services, through a flexible and highly functional web presence
  4. Enhance revenues:by enabling reimbursable online patient visits
Benefits for patients

Using the portal, patients can perform a variety of self-service activities:

  1. Paperwork: Patients can complete forms/paperwork online
  2. Bills: Pay medical bills online
  3. Clinical information: Provide medical history
  4. Messages: Send/receive messages to/from doctor's office, receive Faxed Medication request to Pharmacy.
  5. Appointments:Request a new appointment and view upcoming appointments.
  6. Medication:Request a prescription refill from pre-populated list of currently refillable prescriptions.
  7. Labs: Request a lab; review and examine lab reports.
  8. Demographics: Enter or modify personal information and other demographic information.
  9. Reminders: Receive reminders from doctor's office about when is the next immunization or lab is due.
  10. Referrals:List of prior referrals and ability to request new or existing referrals.
  11. E-mails: Receive an email: for reminders, upcoming appointments and statements.
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