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Hospital Information Systems: Features

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Our Hospital Information System (HIS) applications developed for our clients, offer several valuable features to ensure interoperability with other healthcare IT systems and help enhance the quality and precision of patient care.

These include among others:
  1. Comprehensive Paperless EHR at the base: The EHR (Electronic Health Record) will provide an integrated view of patient information, and will support the sharing of pertinent information among attending care providers within and between provincial hospitals more quickly than ever before.
  2. Real-time updated information: The HIS provides health care professionals with quick, accurate, and appropriate access to patient's medical history information, which is important to providing patient care. Doctors can now access patients's results from their hospital-based offices and will eventually be able to access patients' results from their private offices as well. In addition to providing health care professionals with up-to-date patient information, it can provide important medical history when a patient is not able to.
  3. One-time entry: Patients receiving care in any facility in the network no longer have to repeat the same medical history over and over again, which used to be required even within the same hospital. The system will also reduce the duplication of tests. If a patient arrives at a hospital and a test was completed the day before at another site, the doctor or nurse will receive the results immediately without having to leave their office or pick up the phone
  4. Higher productivity and efficiency: Health professionals in these hospitals can now be more effective and efficient because they have access to their patients' information, regardless of which hospital provided the services. The HIS can reduce time spent on administrative tasks such as tracking down test results. This means that nurses and other health care providers in these hospitals can now spend more time with patients.The system also provides better information about the quality and access to services, and improves planning for patient services and programs.
  5. Elimination of errors: When a doctor enters a prescription directly into the system, there is less chance of clinical error due to transmission and interpretation errors.
  6. Lifetime data availability: No patient data is ever deleted from the system and will be available throughout the life span of the system.
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