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Healthcare Technologies iconic imageThe Healthcare IT systems developed by us are built on robust mature and proven technologies and are constantly upgraded with the latest available frameworks and standards applicable in the Healthcare industry. Some of the technologies we have incorporated into our applications are summarized below.

Technical features
  • Architecture: Our products are built on an N-tier architecture, using many popular and advanced frameworks. The clients at the point of care could be networked PC workstations, mobile and wireless clients like Tablet/Notebook/Pocket PCs, Palmtops, PDAs etc.The business logic, which processes all the transactions, lies in the middle tier and is scalable to handle large number of concurrent users and deliver consistently good response times. The database servers used are among the most popular like Oracle and MS-SQL Server, which can accommodate and process large amounts of medical data. Databases could be configured to be of single server or clustered server type depending on the customer needs.
  • Platform: The applications are built on the Java-J2EE platform, thus enabling popular open-source frameworks to be used while effectively cutting down costs.
  • Networking: The TCP/IP protocol is used for networking, and the number of hubs is scalable depending on the volume of network traffic in each department of the Hospital
  • Security: Our Healthcare IT applications use the standard network security features offered by the Windows Operating system for user login authentication on a network, and also maintain audit log/trail of all transactions. In addition, the applications integrate the Role based Access Policy specified by HL7 standards for granting access rights and privileges to authorized users and user groups only.
  • Standards compliance: We have integrated the HL7 messaging standard effectively for communicating patient information securely to other HL7 compliant systems. We offer the popular HL7 v2.5 version of messaging and also the latest 3.0 versions, as required and desired by the customer. We have used several other standards and guidelines prevalent in this domain in our applications like DICOM and IHE and coding systems like LOINC and ICD.
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