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Customer Service Iconic imageOur Offshore Customer Services for Maintenance and Support come from a world-class team with global recognition of our persistent effort in improving these services.

Reli-e-Marg follows a time proven strategy and methodology, which precisely addresses the needs of product maintenance services. This helps our customers enhance ROI on their software products by significantly increasing response times while optimizing on maintenance costs.

These services include:

  • Installation and Warranty

    As of installation or delivery of the application softwares being delivered by Reli-e-Marg, a user support agreement can be concluded. This support comprises assistance with the application and advice in the event of an error, plus the analysis and elimination of faults, which may also be caused by improper handling or errors in operation of the software or hardware.

  • Customer Support and Maintenance

    By accepting the software maintenance agreement, Reli-e-Marg undertakes to provide maintenance, after expiry of the warranty term, for the software applications developed by us. Software maintenance normally comprises the provision of troubleshooting and new releases. These services are generally free of charge during the term of the warranty, and cover error diagnosis and elimination. The elimination of errors, i.e. departures from the contractually defined software specification, takes the form of delivery of corrected software.

    Our direct Support is available to our clients during our business hours from 9 am to 5 pm on Monday to Friday. Outside those business hours all telephone calls are recorded. Depending on the type of contract, these messages are also called up by our Support standby service outside business hours and any measures required are initiated.

  • Training

    Formal training and hands-on training for the end users of the applications is chiefly held in the field during the period from trial operation to routine start-up, or at a central location in the IT department if basic principles and concepts are being taught. Training can be of different types depending on the kind of users undergoing it for the operation, programming, supervision and management of the system. Training may also be imparted to the relevant identified management staff to ensure a smooth working environment after significant upgrades. In addition, a separate offer can be worked out at any time depending on the scope required and the group of participants involved.

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