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It is said that for asset-intensive industries such as power utilities, transportation and oil and gas, the secret of making significant reductions in operating expenses lies in optimal utilisation of the capital asset. This is no great finding, but a recognised truth.

The solution then is to put into use a comprehensive and efficient Grid asset management solution which would improve the quality of work and asset management decisions by increasing the availability, accuracy and timeliness of T&D work and asset information and improve work efficiencies by standardizing processes and software, automating workflow, and providing a central view of work schedules and resources across all types of work.

OpenNIS™ : Contributing towards a Quicker Return on Investment

OpenNIS Product IconReli-e-Marg in conjunction with their partner and client Cascade A.S., Norway, offer a complete suite of web-based grid/network management system solutions under the brand name OpenNIS.

This suite is compliant with the R-APDRP SRS by the Power Finance Corporation/Ministry of Power, India and has been developed using Microsoft technologies, for managing the construction, operations, and maintenance of utility grids like Electrical/Power utilities, Telecommunications, Water/Sewage and Gas.

The advantage for any utility of having the complete suite of OpenNIS applications, will be significant reduction in operating costs by replacing a large number of complex and stand-alone legacy applications with a small number of highly integrated best-of-breed packaged applications.

OpenNIS - a Complete Grid management system

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OpenNIS applications for Utilities OpenNIS PDA OpenNIS Field data logging OpenNIS GIS Operations support OpenNIS WebSenter Portal OpenNIS Asset Management OpenNIS HV Schematics OpenNIS LV Schematics OpenNIS Technical Analysis OpenNIS FASIT for Fault and Outages management OpenNIS Mobile applications for Palmtops and Pocket PCs OpenNIS Plan OpenNIS WorkOrder OpenNIS Energy Auditing and Accounting OpenNIS LoadForecasting OpenNIS FieldGIS OpenNIS WebMap OpenNIS MapServer OpenNIS Reports OpenNIS Meter Data Management OpenNIS SCADAMod OpenNIS Multiutility System Integration of OpenNIS with ERP systems in an Utility System Integration of OpenNIS with Billing systems in an Utility OpenNIS Customer Services Applications OpenNIS Applications for Utilities OpenNIS Applications Product suite for the Utilities

OpenNIS is an open, scalable and modular Grid Information System that integrates business processes for the entire service chain. With OpenNIS, Utility companies can improve efficiency, quality and lower their operational costs.

OpenNIS has been used by over 160 utilities to improve operations and maintenance processes, reduce expenditure, identify potential efficiency gains, extend asset life, increase network reliability, manage risks and provide the rigorous expenditure justification required by regulators and investors. Click on button to go to top of page

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"An important factor for us is to be able to meet the future with tools that can assure us rational and effective net maintenance and satisfied customers.

We also wanted a partner who could guide and advice us and contribute their competence and resources to be able to meet our goals. Our strategy is to improve the efficiency of all the work processes in the company.

This includes everything from Economy, Maintenance, planning to Field operations with OpenNIS."

- European utility head

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