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AnalysisLarge dynamic currents drawn by faster and denser circuits cause voltage variations on the power grid, resulting in timing or even functional failures. The inability to easily and reliably predict these effects has already proven to be costly in terms of wasted area, compromised performance, and delayed schedules.

What's needed are immediate solutions for effective power grid management that do not radicalize what is already in place and working, but instead play a complementary role in solving these big problems. A process of incremental refinements to the power grid, based on fast and accurate analysis of the grid´s problems and its effects, offers the best prospects for success in today's environment. This forward-looking approach prevents late-stage design surprises and results in faster design closure. The essential elements of this approach are power-grid planning, power-grid analysis, physical optimization, and verification etc.

OpenNIS™ Technical Analysis OpenNIS Analysis is an integrated part of the OpenNIS applications suite, and forms the module for the design, management, and optimization of electrical distribution systems.

OpenNIS™ Technical Analysis provides a flexible and easy to use interface for entering and viewing data manually. It also provides for importing data directly from GIS, Billing and SCADA systems. OpenNIS™ Technical Analysis has been designed primarily for distribution systems and can accurately represent any configuration that might be found such as multiple voltage levels, mixed network/radial systems and complicated single phase configurations such as three-phase to single-phase to three-phase feeders. A set of built in tracing tools help you to manage large complicated systems by identifying loops, disconnected sections and up or downstream tracing.

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OpenNIS™ Technical Analysis Routines

OpenNIS™ Technical Analysis offers both

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