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OpenNIS MobileMost utilities have everyday field operations which demand accessing geographically spread areas.

OpenNIS Mobile is a useful tool for the utilities in carrying out these tasks efficiently keeping in touch with the company information system free of the barriers of time and place.

OpenNIS Mobile is a set of programs implemented on Palm OS, Pocket PC etc. useful for field operations covering:

  1. General maintenance
  2. Fault registration and analysis
  3. Inspection routines
  4. Registering and updating of the Grid infrastructure

OpenNIS Mobile applications for PalmtopsCombining OpenNIS Mobile as a supplement to mobile solutions provided by the ERP companies gives an added dimension in the field operations. For instance accessing the correct connectivity information for a transformer could be vital in a fault situation. The demands set by the deregulation requires effective use of IT systems which in turn implies that all mission critical data are stored electronically.

The Registration unit in OpenNIS Mobile is extremely user friendly designed for registering and updating the grid infrastructure. The data is automatically transferred to the main OpenNIS database.

Along with the other OpenNIS back office products for Fault and Outage management, Analysis, Planning and Construction, OpenNIS Mobile gives a complete solution for the utilities covering key processes. The ERP integration concept in OpenNIS based on XML and Web services will link all the core business activities enabling the utilities to gain control over the process flow in the company.

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