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OpenNIS™ Mobile Field Data logging

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Icon Realtime DGPS for field data loggingThe OpenNIS Mobile Field Data Logging module is an advanced DGPS-based solution for qualitative and cost effective logging of grid data and components directly in the field.

The OpenNIS™ Field Data LoggingSolution consists of a GIS based tool installed on a high-end field-ruggedized Windows tablet PC and connected professional DGPS for precise positioning. Existing grid data, together with a complete and full detail set of your in-house map data, aerial and satellite ortho-photos, is downloaded to your OpenNIS™ field solution. The field operator can then easily register or edit grid data directly on the map. Data is logged exactly as in the in-house OpenNIS™ GIS system with correct connectivity and data sheets. This, in combination with advanced long transaction technology, allows that data, without any form of conversion, can easily be transferred via simple export/import procedure between the field solution and the in-house grid information system.

The OpenNIS™ Field Data Logging Solution eliminates time-consuming paper based data entries, field notes and paper maps thereby increasing quality and reducing costs. You collect the data once, directly in the field, correctly modeled for direct import to your Grid Information System. The solution can also be used very effectively for finding already registered grid and components when working in the field.

The OpenNIS™ Field Data logging Solution can also be used for collecting data about broadband or other grid infrastructures in the same uniquely rational manner in combination with the OpenNIS™ Multiutility solution.

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