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OpenNIS WebMapFor easy access to map data via Web Map Services

Utility companies need access to updated quality map data. Today, quality map data sources from several National mapping agencies, private mapping companies and government organizations throughout the world are made accessible through WMS (Web Map Services) technology.

As new map data is continuously being produced, mapping organizations update their WMS servers without the utility company having to care about map versions, formats and projections from a large amount of changing sources with Terabytes of data.

OpenNIS™ WebMap is another must-have software application in the OpenNIS suite, built on the OGC WMC specifications. With OpenNIS™ WebMap the utility company can get fast and easy access WMS map data sources of preference. WMS map data can be used in combination with map data sources stored locally on company servers or directly on GIS clients.

OpenNIS™ WebMap gives fast and easy access to large amounts of quality WMS map data sources from all over the world.

When two or more maps are produced with the same geographic parameters and output size, the results can be accurately overlaid to produce a composite map. Furthermore, individual maps can be requested from different servers. The Web Map Service thus enables the creation of a network of distributed map servers from which clients can build customized maps.

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