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OpenNIS™ Web-enabled Customer Services applications

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OpenNIS Customer Services Applications iconIt is often said that an utility´s refusal to acknowledge its problem irks most consumers more than the power quality problem itself. As the overall business environment becomes more challenging and competitive, it is critical for an utility to keep its customers secure and happy. OpenNIS can effectively address this need by helping the utility to harness and deploy the latest advances in information technology and network management, with its effective and efficient web-based Customer Services Applications (CSA).

OpenNIS CSA integrate with available customer information systems (CIS) to collect customer account information and with the other core OpenNIS applications such as the GIS Operations to collate to the relevant spatial geographic data, and understand customer behaviour and transactions. Being web-enabled, OpenNIS CSA can thus allow customer service agents to focus on providing superior customer service and solving complex customer issues, while allowing the CRM applications to handle basic usage and billing inquiries.

The OpenNIS suite offers high-performance, flexible and scalable web-enabled software applications for the utility personnel to maintain and communicate with their customers:

OpenNIS™ WebMessage

OpenNIS WebMessage OpenNIS™ WebMessage is a messaging utility for OpenNIS customers.

It enables the Grid management personnel to compose and send text messages to customers. It is a technology solution that can simultaneously address affordable masse deployment of real-time message broadcasts, education of consumers about issues like electricity use and conservation etc., instant access to feedback and implement effective measures send alert messages etc.

OpenNIS Mobile WebMessageIt permits consumers to actively feedback acknowledgements of received messages.

OpenNIS™ WebMessage is also available on mobile platforms like palmtops and pocket PCs.

OpenNIS™ WebCustomerInfo

OpenNIS WebCustomerInfo OpenNIS™ WebCustomerInfo is a Customer Database Interface application.

It enables access to and display of all information recorded for a desired customer. It enables search for existing customers, and display of all their relevant data. It also allows for addition of new customers to the customer database.

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