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OpenNIS™ Web Applications Suite

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OpenNIS Web applications iconWhen utility personnel need to access grid information over the internet, a grid portal would be the most convenient way to access various grid resources, i.e., through a standard web browser.

A grid portal provides a consistent, easily used interface to a complex environment of various systems, where the user can rapidly get the job done. The portal functionalities include static resource information, the possibility to login to the system and thereby get more user-specific information, project and account information, dynamic information about resources, support for creating and submitting jobs, support for modifying or removing submitted jobs, file system access etc. in connection with grid operations and maintenance activities.

OpenNIS™ WebSenter

OpenNIS WebSenterThe main Portal for accessing grid information...

The OpenNIS WebSenter is an advanced web-based grid portal to provide access to the grid information via Internet. It makes portal makes network resources (applications, databases and so forth) available to end-users, wherever they have access to a web browser running on the Internet without the need to download or install specialized software, or worry about setting up firewalls, networks etc. The utility personnel can access the portal via a web browser, WAP-phone, pager or any other device. OpenNIS WebSenter acts as the central hub where information from multiple sources are made available in an easy to use manner, and critical grid data is delivered visually. It can be used for various tasks like customer support, Field operations and giving necessary information to external servicing companies.
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OpenNIS™ WebOrder

OpenNIS WebOrderOpenNIS™ WebOrder is a customer management utility.

It allows customers to place orders for various services like Telematics, water heating, power etc.over the internet without having to call in a new purchase over a phone, by suing a credit card.

It enables the consumers to locate their own positions on the GIS maps and then place orders of their preference.

The utility company can then bill the customer´s bank account or credit card automatically.

It enables search for existing customers. It also allows for addition of new customers.

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