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OpenNIS GIS Operations SupportAn Energy Audit or Energy Survey or Analysis is a major step to be performed in order to accomplish an effective energy cost control program. An Energy Audit generally consists of a detailed examination of an utility´s energy usage, costs incurred and finally recommendations for changes in operating practices for cost-effectiveness, especially with implementation of electrical deregulation and advent of real-time pricing (RTP) rate structures. Energy auditing is a very necessary and useful activity in Utilities in analyzing and identifying the weak points in the grid in relation to losses so that corrective measures can be taken to rectify faulty situations.

OpenNIS Energy Auditing and Accounting application (OpenNIS EAA) is a powerful tool to perform energy auditing in an efficient manner, taking the data from OpenNIS Grid management application and the Billing application. The basis for energy auditing is a complete grid model with electrical connectivity from 400-600 kV feeders to 230-400 V consumers or alternatively up to 11kV distribution transformers. In order to get an accurate measure of energy auditing, OpenNIS EAA takes into account the energy supplied to the Grid and transmitted to the end customer, taking transmission losses into consideration. Generally, data on energy use, power demands and costs for at least 12-24 months are used to identify problems, form patterns and then control anomalous behaviour to achieve significant energy and cost savings.

OpenNIS EAA helps and enables an utility to implement a permanent energy cost control program by offering easy-to-use functions which will continually monitor and improve the energy efficiency and energy productivity of the utility. It enables the utility personnel to formulate action plans for effective energy conservation and implementation schedules which lead to shorter payback periods, and thus help the utility to generate capital to implement other cost control measures.

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