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OpenNIS FASIT Iconic image OpenNIS™ FASIT is an advanced and effective tool for simulation, registration, analysis and reporting of faults and outages in a utility.

The user interface is designed to be very user friendly and help users to save time in registering and analyzing faults. Advanced reporting functions are included to aid in the operational phase.

System Architecture
  1. Network Database: OpenNIS™ FASIT uses a relational database, which is the basis for all modules. The Database maintains all information about components, network topology and fault and outage management.
  2. Reporting: The graphical user interface for reporting faults are based on the standards by the Norwegian authorities and can be adjusted to suit other standards.
  3. GIS/Schematics: Either GIS or single line schematics can be used for registering faults and circuit breaker operations.

Technical Features and Advantages

  1. Administer mobile power units to reduce outages and reimbursement costs.
  2. Find the optimal time for planned outages to reduce costs.
  3. Analyze the usage of time in outage situations to form a basis for planning internal routines and control.
  4. Generate automatically load profiles based on metered data series.
  5. Analyze and do quality check on data from CIS and billing system.
  6. Import data for Circuit breakers online from SCADA systems for use in outage calculations.
  7. Automatically register load sectioning points.
  8. Generate user defined reports in Excel and Access.

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