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Utilities applications iconic imageOpenNIS tools enable efficient energy management encapsulating all the operational processes in a power utility. Using Web service technologies, OpenNIS exchanges information with ERP systems. OpenNIS can seamless integrate with existing ERP systems and enable the utility companies to incorporate technical information in their ERP systems efficiently by directly exchanging information with the ERP systems in all phases from Planning to Maintenance.

Salient Features

OpenNIS can effectively
  • Help the utility personnel visualize the entire city network in its geographical location alongside schematics.
  • Provide additional data and functionality for efficient Grid management required in a deregulated market.
  • Integrate business processes for the entire service chain for higher productivity and lower costs.
  • Help the utility personnel visualize the faulty portions of the network for isolation from the main network for normalization and restoration of supply and alternate feeding arrangements.
  • Help execute Planning, development and economical calculations up to section level.
  • Provide real time position of supply chain by means of live connectivity with vital supply points.
  • Make data from operational system available for analysis, reporting and decision making.
  • Provide tools for improved Customer care and Service.

Tangible Benefits

OpenNIS can help utilities realize better and quicker ROI by offering:
  • New cutting edge technologies: high-resolution digital photography, DGPS, seamless transfer to enterprise GIS
  • Direct field to control centre communication of data without human interference and hence minimal errors and cost savings.
  • Web-based design for easy access over the internet anytime anywhere.
  • Extremely user-friendly GUI: quick learning curve with minimal training.
  • Data archival capabilities for comparisons over time (scalable spatial database)
  • Geofencing (Guided movement for field personnel with accurate boundaries to operate within)
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"The uniqueness of OpenNIS is that it allows our systems to melt into a complete integrated unit so we can operate more rationally and cost effectively".

- European utility head

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