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OpenNIS™ GIS Operations Support

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OpenNIS GIS Operations SupportUtility companies face the overriding challenge of implementing operational and maintenance standards and practices to Incrementally and continually improve the balance between asset reliability and costs.

Viewing electric data geospatially gives managers context. OpenNIS GIS Operations is a GIS-enabled application that can give utility personnel insight that improves operations and customer service and streamlines work processes, by allowing them to visualize the data through intelligent maps. Utility managers can better understand their service area needs and their resources for meeting those needs and better achieve their business goals.

The OpenNIS GIS Operations application for comprehensive and complete Grid management can be an effective tool for:

  • Load scenario simulations with integrated SCADA
  • Localizing faults quickly and effectively
  • Administration of Work Orders
  • Deployment of resources effectively, both Financial and HR
  • Improved and enhanced Customer services
  • Optimized allocation of Field service and fleet management

OpenNIS GIS uses the robust GIS database to serve as the foundation for a comprehensive asset inventory of the utility assets. This helps the field maintenance crews in locating system features to expedite repair times and enhance their preventative maintenance efforts through readily accessible information and a more complete representation of their collection and distribution systems. Once the field data information is captured and field-verified using map-grade Differential GPS, it is stored in the GIS database along with other attributes to create the spatial index.

Using OpenNIS GIS, the utility personnel can easily:
  • Manage data about condition of utility assets
  • Understand inter-relationships of assets
  • Visualize electric grid and determine optimal locations for grid components
  • Provide a spatial context to analytics and metrics of grid
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