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OpenNIS™ HV Analysis

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AnalysisTraditionally, the accuracy of distribution systems analysis has been limited by the difficulty of accurately modeling the loads involved, particularly for analyses at non-peak times.

OpenNIS™ HV Analysis allows you to model loads using representative load categories. Load characteristics and daily curves are defined for each of these load categories using as little or as much data as you have available. This data allows you to run accurate analyses projected for different times of day, different days, seasons or tempera-tues. This in turn allows you to determine accurate life cycle costing by running analyses over the full range of normal operating conditions. Accurate modeling of a distribution system relies upon the quality and accuracy of the data entered.

OpenNIS™ HV Analysis provides a flexible and easy to use interface for entering and viewing data manually. It also provides for importing data directly from GIS, Billing and SCADA systems.

OpenNIS™ HV Analysis Routines

OpenNIS™ HV Analysis provides advanced Network Analysis tools which can be used to analyze and solve systems using full three-phase representation. The size of system that can be solved is limited only by available disk space. The analysis algorithms are also very stable, even on traditionally unstable systems.

OpenNIS™ offers advanced network Analysis calculations for accurate and extensive load modeling of distribution systems, such as:

  • Load flow
  • Voltage drop measurements
  • Short circuit
  • Transformer load management
  • Transformer sizing analysis
  • Configuration Optimisation
  • Feeder analysis
  • Marginal Losses

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