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OpenNIS™ Low Voltage Grid Analysis

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AnalysisUtilities today need analytics applications that can quickly process large amounts of data and help them make informed decisions. Before the information age, companies relied on old-fashioned know-how and intuition to make critical business decisions.

But now, as utilities can gain more information, particularly about their distribution networks and end-users, through intelligent grid initiatives, they now have more information to feed into their decisions. To fully understand their systems, utilities need to make decisions about what areas are connected to the grid. They can now use analytics applications which are fact-based decision-support systems that turn data into information a company can use to make a decision or take action.

OpenNIS LV Analysis is one such analytics application which can help utilities with more than just making quick operational decisions; it can also help them make longer-term decisions, including coordination, scheduling and planning decisions for e.g. capital investments in new transmission lines or generation capacity. It helps the utilities to visualize and analyze the grid on a real-time basis and at a broader and deeper level. What's needed are immediate solutions for effective power grid management that do not radicalize what is already in place and working, but instead play a complementary role in solving these big problems.

A process of incremental refinements to the power grid, based on fast and accurate analysis of the grid´s problems and its effects, offers the best prospects for success in today's environment. This forward-looking approach prevents late-stage design surprises and results in faster design closure. The essential elements of this approach are power-grid planning, power-grid analysis, physical optimization, and verification etc.

OpenNIS™ LV Analysis is an integrated part of the OpenNIS applications suite, and forms the module for the design, management, and optimization of the low voltage electrical distribution systems.

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