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Electrical Power distribution is one of the most capital-intensive businesses. Arrangements for new expansions of the utility facilities normally require several years and needs long-term planning of at least 10-15 years in advance. Load forecasting has always been important for planning and operational decision conducted by utility companies.

OpenNIS Loadforecasting uses proven statistical techniques and stable algorithms for accurate load forecasting. Like most simulation-based load forecast programs, it is programmed with default start-up values that fit mainframe forecast situations, and in addition offers options for a different set-up and calibration as required by each particular utility. This helps to satisfy the critical need of a utility to get reliable and accurate representative data of loads under conditions which are specified as part of the T&D planning scenario and criteria.

OpenNIS Loadforecasting also enables spatial resolution to identify and locate load and growth trends on the GIS maps. By studying the spatial trends, planners of the utility can determine when and how much growth will deviate from the historical trends. By adjusting the base data in the Scale factor window in the application, the load forecasts can be extrapolated to show future trends in both the OpenNIS Schematics and OpenNIS GIS operations to get a better perspective and make proper appropriate plans. By locating the future load growth on the GIS maps with the necessary spatial resolution, OpenNIS can offer the planners sufficient and accurate geographic precision to plan the valid sitting of future T&D equipment. Click on this button to go to top of page

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