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AnalysisThe quality of the meter data for billing and analysis is very important in the electricity market. Utilities today are moving towards "Smart metering" in order to cut costs by reduing the cost to connect/disconnect customers, lower field crew insurance/legal costs and reduce grid-related capital expenses and thefts. Smart metering enables utilities to read meters and send the data directly to the billing application, improve their ROI via faster processing of final bills and reduce bad debt by facilitating the use of prepayment meters. Smart metering also helps utilities to ensure regulatory compliance and better monitoring of their assets.

Utilities thus need to implement Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) coupled with Meter Data Management applications (MDM) for validation and estimation of the meter usage data based on statistical models. The key performance criteria of MDM are scalability, collaboration, integration, in addition to good data acquisition and data persistence capabilities.

OpenNIS MeterDataManagement (OpenNIS MDM) is a new application offering integration with the utility´s AMI initiatives that collects, processes, and distributes metered data effectively across the entire utility and to the customer base. It provides an easy pathway between the meter data and the multiple applications and departments that need it.

Tangible Benefits

OpenNIS MeterDataManagement (OpenNIS MDM):

  • makes real-time data available for business logic and asset management.
  • Improves data accuracy for modeling system performance.
  • Enables operational efficiency, cost reduction, and meeting current/ future goals with fewer resources.
  • Enables customers to learn about their energy use, improves customer communications, and increases overall customer satisfaction.
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OpenNIS MDM screenshot showing metered consumers listing and their GIS locations side-by-side..

OpenNIS MDM screenshot showing metered consumers listing and GIS locations

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