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OpenNIS WorkOrder iconic imageThe demands set by industrial growth and increased consumption of power leads to new investments of the Grid. Planning these investments in an optimal way is of vital importance. These investments should be made sure to be scaled for future demands.

OpenNIS™ Plan is an advanced engineering and design tool for the construction of new facilities and updates of existing facilities such as transformers or distribution centers.

ERP Integration imageOpenNIS™ Plan integrates easily with ERP systems in operation at the utilities using the information available for material and resources.

Using Web service technology, material, resource and work orders are exchanged with the ERP system. On completion the system generates work orders automatically, and the data used for planning flows automatically into invoicing, and cost-control processes in commissioning.

The data generated from Planning is made available in the construction phase. This will help to manage the construction operation accurately for deploying manpower, plan logistics and control costs. The planned budget can be a guiding factor for minimizing construction costs.

Construction and Cost Estimates

The enhanced functions that allow for use of compatible units enables use of standardized work plans. Work orders that are needed are generated automatically into invoicing and cost-control processes.

  • Using the powerful GIS engine from Intergraph as a front end, planning and construction becomes an easy task.
  • Enhanced functions are offered for the use of compatible units to develop standardized work plans.
  • Estimates are based on the current prices obtained from the ERP system.

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Click this icon to read and download our OpenNIS™ Plan Application  brochure OpenNIS™ Plan brochure (opens new window) »

Click this icon to read and download our OpenNIS™ Application  brochure OpenNIS™ Applications brochure (opens new window) »
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