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The OpenNIS suite of solutions, from Reli-e-Marg/Cascade, consists of standards-based solutions that enable utilities to improve the operation of the utility network by leveraging their grid investments. The suite offers system analysis, design, and planning applications that help clients plan for and design interconnection strategies for new and emerging renewable and distributed generation technologies and storage systems. The utility infrastructure will become adaptive and self-configuring, focusing less on technology silos and manual processes that take much time and resources. The suite focusses on how the existing infrastructure can be speedily adapted to satisfy the service and application objectives of an utility.

Our network studies, design and optimization services help utilities understand and leverage reliable information on current network capabilities, investment decisions, integrating new and existing components, and future system challenges.

OpenNIS™ : Contributing towards a quicker Return on Investment

OpenNIS offers a set of advanced GIS/DGPS-enabled IT tools for administering the following operational areas of the utilities´s networks:

  • DGPS-based Field Surveys, Consumer Indexing and Asset Mapping
  • GIS-based Grid Asset management, Operations & Maintenance
  • Effective Fault and Outages management for electrical utilities
  • Efficient Work force / Workorder management
  • Advanced Planning and construction functions
  • Precise integrated Network Analysis, load modelling and reporting for electrical utilities
  • GIS-based Operational support systems for Power and Water distribution
  • Palmtop, Pocket-PC and PDA-based field support systems
  • H/H Modelling, Network tracing for Water & Waste water Networks
  • Leak detection and survey management

The OpenNIS suite of applications for an electrical utility:

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