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AnalysisReporting is a crucial component of any organization´s business strategy. It helps perform a managerial study of past performance and problems in detail, for e.g. "slicing and dicing" the data in a number of ways and studying it for possible causes of failure and arrive at ways of improving service. This helps the utility to move towards a quantitative and pro-active management of power system reliability. Reports serve as official written business records and are a formal means of communication between the utility departments as well as between the utility and its external players like its shareholders, customers etc.

OpenNIS Reports makes accessing utility data, reports, and analysis fast and easy for even the most complex utilities. It is an extremely robust applicatio, also web-based, that serves various users within an utility. Each department of an utility has its own need for utility data and OpenNIS Reports offers customized MIS reports to meet their specific needs. OpenNIS Reports eliminates the hassle of having to sort through vast amounts of utility data that is not pertinent the user´s individual needs. All of an organization´s utility data can be real-time viewed, searched through, sorted out and generated for reporting any time.

OpenNIS Reports works in conjunction with the other applications in the OpenNIS suite, as well as with external billing and accounting applications where it retrieves the necessary utility data. Through a powerful menu-driven system, users can access, manipulate, analyze, report, and graph financial and operating statistics for the utilities. With these robust programs, you can spot errors and consumption anomalies, track and compare facilities, identify trends, make accurate projections, and create sophisticated forecasts and budgets. Additionally, the applications are flexible in that they can interface directly with existing accounting software programs.

Tangible Benefits

OpenNIS Reports can:

  • Track all utility service categories, including electricity, natural gas, oil, propane, water, sewer, irrigation, refuse, and others.
  • Generate reports and graphs that display statistics for the time period of your choice: monthly/quarterly/year-to-date/annual.
  • Compare and track individual facility performance against budget, benchmarks, or other facilities.
  • Identify potential errors and anomalies in a given set of data.
  • Access data at any level of the utility: individual/department/site/region.
  • Limit data access by group or individual with the Access control policy.
  • Import and Export data between applications and download reports to PDF files or spreadsheet programs like MS Excel.

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