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Power T&D utilities generally cover a huge network consisting of wide range of Equipments, Feeders & Facilities, and use different disparate systems to efficiently manage utility operations like GIS, SCADA, DMS, AMRS & ERP where the role of each system is different and unique.

Most utilities have implemented SCADA systems for grid surveillance and control. Both GIS and SCADA have information vital to the operation of the enterprise and both tend to be comprised of similar data. A digital point in the GIS must be reflected in the SCADA system as well.

OpenNIS SCADAMod is an application that can link OpenNIS applications with SCADA systems to expand its data pool which enables additional functions for analysis and maintenance. OpenNIS ScadaMOD has a flexible interface to integrate SCADA systems from many vendors. Users can access spatial information and real-time data through a single screen. Other benefits include improved customer service, increased network reliability and reduced operational costs. Advanced capabilities such as predictive analysis, simulation tools, contingency analysis and network monitoring can go far in giving utilities the power to be successful.

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