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OpenNIS GIS Operations SupportPower systems are extremely complicated electrical networks that are geographically spread over very large areas. For most part, they are also three phase networks; each power circuit consists of three conductors and all devices such as generators, transformers, breakers, disconnects etc. are installed in all three phases. In fact, the power systems are so complex that a complete conventional diagram showing all the connections is impractical. Yet, it is desirable, that there is some concise way of communicating the basic arrangement of power system components. This is done by using Single Line Diagrams (SLD) or One Line Diagrams.

OpenNIS Schematics screenshotThe one-line diagram is the most important drawing a plant can have for understanding its electrical system and shows a correct power distribution path from the incoming power source to each downstream load, including the ratings and sizes of each piece of electrical equipment, their circuit conductors, and their protective devices.

The OpenNIS Schematics application is a CAD-based software in the OpenNIS suite which can generate, modify and maintain IEC standards-compliant High voltage and Low voltage distribution schematic SLDs of Utility networks.
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All components of the selected grid/workspace are displayed symbolically in a hierarchical tree to the left, and in SLDs to the right. New components to the grid can be added, and existing components can be edited/removed easily. In order to comply with the government regulations, complete and up to date electrical single line diagrams and equipment operating and control schematics must be made available in the utility work place. These important documents are required to be updated as necessary or as equipment changes or is modified and sometimes verified on an annual basis, which can be done easily through the user-friendly GUI in OpenNIS Schematics.

The OpenNIS Schematics can effectively and efficiently display both HV schematic diagrams and LV schematic diagrams.

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