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OpenNIS WorkOrder iconic imageUtilities routinely use work orders for field inspection of assets, general maintenance and updates to the attributes of assets. These are generally recorded using either traditional paper-based or knowledge-based systems. Using IT-based systems like OpenNIS™ WorkOrder simplifies this process by streamlining delivery and improving availability of relevant information between the field and the central control room.

OpenNIS™ WorkOrder is an efficient management tool for the prompt and efficient management of all the work orders in an utility, while maintaining the workflow smoothly. This enables planners to create work orders, complete with instructions and GPS coordinates on the mapping interface within the OpenNIS Map module, and distribute them to remotely located field inspectors. In addition to logging data, inspectors can also upload photographs and other details of defects or updates from their field devices to the centralised OpenNIS™ Operations asset management system for cross-checking and relevant decision-making.

By generating Work orders from within any OpenNIS™ Grid management application, the central control room personnel can directly and accurately provide the field inspectors all the information they need to start, update and close work orders, including the GPS coordinates, so that any inspector can now be deployed to maintain and review any asset in the entire grid region. At the control room, Work planners and maintenance personnel can also view the status of a particular work order, and track its details and history directly on the map or in the schematics.

OpenNIS™ WorkOrder integrates easily with ERP systems and Grid management systems in operation at the utilities using the information available for material and resources. This enables the seamless flow of information between the field systems and enterprise application layers.

Integration of OpenNIS WorkOrder
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The benefits of using an integrated Work Order system which works in conjunction with the other IT systems in an utility are significant savings on costs in addition to the following:

  • Improved IT-Business alignment by improving the efficiency of the utility's mobile workforce
  • Increased productivity with reduced operating costs and enhanced customer service
  • Reduction in Maintenance costs by reducing manual data entry
  • Advanced and centralised document management and efficient reporting
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