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Reli-e-Marg has established strategic partnerships with pioneering companies in niche product areas.

Locus A.S.

Locus is a Norwegian Company with a head office located in Sandefjord, 120 km southwest of the capital city of Oslo.

Locus was founded here in 1991 and has a solid customer base within the area of fleet management, command and control room systems and mobile applications.

Cascade A.S.

Cascade is an innovative Norwegian software company located in Tønsberg. Cascade was founded in 1993 by a group of engineers with experience in developing IT systems for the Norwegian offshore industry.

Cascade develops and markets Grid management systems for Multiutility sectors like Power, Gas, Water etc. in Scandinavia.

Scaligo A.B.

Scaligo, formerly Take Economic Control, is a Swedish company offering integrated solutions for the management of sales in the automotive industry like cars and heavy machinery.

Scaligo’s sales applications have been successfully integrated with other leading products from Exor, QNAB, Community Labs in Sweden and JMA, Denmark.

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