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Reli-e-Marg has developed several software modules and applications for Project Management and Performance Management for various European clients.

Project Management

Project Management iconic imageProject management encompasses several critical functions within an organization such as scheduling, project planning, source control and bug tracking, managing customers and users, and managing multiple project activities simultaneously. These can be extended to include charting and reporting activities also. The project management software modules and applications developed by us for our clients include most of these functionalities.

Some of the features offered are:

  • Ease of use with intuitive, customizable and extremely user friendly interfaces. When implemented as desktop applications can give the most responsive and graphically-intense style of interface to individual users.
  • Available as web applications accessible via web browser on the intranet or internet.
  • Support multiple users modifying different sections of the plan at once, for example, updating the areas they personally are responsible for such that those estimates get integrated into the overall plan.
  • Tasks lists for people, and allocation schedules for resources and overview information on how long tasks will take to complete.
  • Early warning of any risks to the project along with Information on workload, for planning holidays.
  • Historical information on how projects have progressed, and in particular, how actual and planned performance are related.
  • Identifying and handling of events which depend on one another in different ways or dependencies.
  • Scheduling people to work on, and resources required by, the various tasks commonly termed resource scheduling.
  • Dealing with uncertainties in the estimates of the duration of each task.
  • Arranging tasks to meet a plethora of deadlines.
  • Juggling multiple projects simultaneously to meet a variety of requirements.
  • Integrated Calendaring software to handle scheduling as easily as dedicated software.
  • Inbuilt messaging capabilities for effective intercommunication of personnel within projects or between diverse project groups.
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