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Automobile IT solutions imageThe software applications we offer the Automobile industry are geared towards optimization of the vehicle sales process and smooth garage management. These solutions offer value added benefits such as optimal utilization of resources, acceleration in sales and gaining a competitive edge apart from reduction in the overall costs of deployment and maintenance.


The Vehicle Sales software solution is a highly specialized tool to support all processes for the individual salesman in the real-time sales process with a customer. There are several modules with CRM functionality, which help the salesman with generation of proposals, deals, order forms etc., and calculations and configurations of prices and discounts.

Salient Features

  • Diverse Inventory data like stock lists of new and used cars, trade-in schemes, leasing and hire purchase schemes etc. are offered to the salesman in real-time.
  • Information from various external sources like the details of sold/used cars from the National Vehicle registry, annuity loans and insurance schemes from various vendors, available accessories etc. are also presented for quick and easy calculations, analysis and generation of orders.
  • Several inbuilt tools like the Salesman Commission calculator, analytical tools for creation of pivot tales and diagrams of sales data, the application module for distributor sales support, and the import engine to import data from other integrated systems such as ERP are also available.
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