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Reli-e-Marg has built up proven expertise in developing user-friendly and efficient Project Management software applications for use in both large and small organizations. One of the successful products in this domain is the eSurvey for our European clients.


A Survey is defined as an instrument to achieve insight about some predefined aspects, objectives or goals among a group(s) of people. The eSurvey application developed by Reli-e-Marg is the perfect instrument to achieve this goal.

Key Application Areas

  • Conducting mid-point project reviews
  • Conducting mid-point process reviews
  • Conducting periodic all round (360°) employee performance reviews
  • Conducting employee/customer/ product satisfaction surveys
  • Conducting any kind of public opinion surveys
  • Administration of personal tasks within a group
  • Administration of subscriptions to seminars etc.

The surveys can be carried out by distributing an online questionnaire among the designated participants. The participants then respond to the survey by submitting their answers on/before the specified deadlines to the relevant sponsors for further processing. Online Surveys could be accessed through URLs on the web, thus facilitating wider reach, or conducted offline by printing out the questionnaires in desired formats. The automatic email notifications can be tailor-made to the kind of survey being conducted.

Once a survey has been started, the survey owner can choose to view the results, status etc. of survey(s) in a graphical format, by exporting certain kinds of survey data to external programs like Microsoft Excel. Completed surveys and questionnaires can be archived for future retrieval and reviews. Participant responses are automatically archived on their submission. Survey owners also have several options to update, delete surveys and survey templates. Click here to go to top of page

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