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HealthcareIT iconic imageHealthcare organizations are increasingly compelled to be innovative in looking for new ways to manage with greater efficiency. With technology integrated into every facet of a modern organization, efficient deployment and use of information technologies (IT) has the attention of top management.

Our Healthcare IT outsourcing framework enables our clients access to our skilled personnel, advanced technology infrastructure, flexibility, and cost savings, while maximizing benefits and minimizing risks.


Reli-e-Marg has developed a suite of healthcare/e-Health management software applications for their clients, using proven industry expertise and innovative cutting-edge technology approaches to offer the healthcare industry effective IT solutions for efficient and reliable healthcare data management. This has enabled our clients to reduce their IT operating costs, improve their focus, and expand the resources available to them.

This suite of healthcare/e-Health management software applications developed by us comprise of healthcare-specific applications such as the Electronic Health Record (EHR), Patient Billing, CPOE etc. which are equipped with real-time satellite updates and built-in telemedicine capabilities. The objective of the systems is automation of clinical information and the electronic sharing of such information among clinicians,patients and appropriate users within a secure environment. These applications are built on the Java(J2EE) platform and available as both web applications and stand-alone applications.

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Healthcare Standards Compliance

The applications are developed according to and conform to major industry standards such as PHIN, HL7/CEN, HIPAA, DICOM, ISO and ANSI. Any third party devices or applications complying with these standards are easily interfaced with our applications. Future versions of these applications are being built on the IHE Technical Frameworks.
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