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Patient portal iconic imageA Patient Portal lets patients and doctors/hospitals communicate easily, safely, and securely over the Internet.

The portal is a time saver for patients as well as doctors/hospitals. Patients today are encouraged to be responsible for their healthcare, and this has been facilitated by the introduction of new HIPAA and other patient privacy laws. With the help of a portal, patients are enabled to perform a number of tasks either prior to visiting their doctor, or instead of visiting or calling their doctor. When a hospital uses a patient portal, it can effectively and safely share results with its patients via the web, and thus give them additional value-added benefits in the hospital/patient relationship.

Features of our Patient Portal

Our patient portal software application, when used by Healthcare organizations, Providers and Patients:

  1. Gives patients round-the-clock access to online health services that reduce costs and improve office efficiency, by directly integrating online health services with existing clinical information systems.
  2. Assigns and maintains unique and secure Patient passwords that allow them to log into their physician's system over the Internet globally to see their own private set of documents including labs, diagnostics, bills, referrals and archived messages.
  3. Allows Doctors to automatically remind patients for their health maintenance reminders, procedure due dates and also send them patient statements and lab results electronically, thus minimizing the need for the patients to call the doctor's office/hospital.
  4. Enables the hospitals to provide relevant online health information and tools, as well as answer patients' questions about their health.
  5. Helps the hospital to collect data and build demographic and clinical profiles of patients, to enable further research, disaster planning, clinical trials etc.
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