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This Help page is intended to make your navigation of our website easier.

Navigating our website

The various topics are arranged under the top menu bar at top left hand corner of every page, as well as by the links located in the right-hand margin. Click on these to access pages with the details. The right side bar provides access to the sub-sections of the main sections in this website. As you move within the site, you will notice the menu options on the right side bar change to reflect the relevant links to the section you are viewing. Please note that this may not be necessarily present on all pages.

The Site Map provides you with an overview of the layout and content of our website. If you get stuck, you can use the 'Home' button in the top menu bar. This will return you to the home page. You can also use the 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons in your browser to return to the previous/next page.

Increase/decrease the font size in your browser
  • Hold down the CTRL button and scroll up with your mouse's scroll button to increase the font, and down to decrease. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard buttons Ctrl and + to increase font size and Ctrl and - to decrease font size.
  • In Internet Explorer, go to “View” > “Text Size” and select your desired font size. IE allows only has 5 size changes to go up and down.
  • In Firefox too, go to “View” > “Text Size” and select your desired font size. here you can go larger and smaller than IE can. Press CTRL+0 to go back to normal size.
  • In Opera, you're actually “zooming in” on the page. Go to “View” > select “File” > “Zoom” and then select your required zoom ratio from those offered. To go back to the normal zoom, hold CTRL and click the scroll button (do not scroll up or down).
  • Please note that Graphics, photos and images such as banners, logos and pictures cannot be resized.

Contacting us

Contact us if:

  • you have comments/questions/suggestions about our site.
  • you experience technical problems.
  • you are still unable to locate the information on the program or service you desire.

We will be glad to answer your queries promptly.

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