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Our Vision

Our Vision iconic imageThe Company’s aim is to provide quality support and service not just as faceless vendors, but as the people’s trusted allies, by successfully integrating its policies and functional areas to today’s dynamic world which demands change, challenge, creativity and commitment. The Company’s pursuit of excellence in products, services and corporate conduct will not deter it from maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior and integrity, since it believes that individual performance goals of each member of the team can ultimately tie up with the organization’s goals and visions.

Reli-e-Marg values and respects the relationships between itself, customers and the world at large.

Our Mission

Our Mission iconic image Reli-e-Marg´s mission is to bridge the gap between the human dimension and the technology dimension by enabling its customers to utilize all the known Sciences effectively and reliably, not only in every-day use areas like electricity and transport, but also in mission-critical information applications like remote healthcare for the betterment of the entire mankind.

Our Strategy

Performance iconic image Reli-e-Marg is essentially a growth company, which constantly strengthens its position and expands its reach in the market by developing the core competencies of its personnel and the company as a whole. This includes building and reinforcing a profound understanding of information systems and interoperability capabilities, packaging of software products, customer service and international business expertise.

The company’s objective is to serve as a strategic and long-standing software partner to its customers as an asset not just as a vendor. This requires continuous improvement of quality, which in turn contributes to increased customer satisfaction. Reli-e-Marg’s strong balance sheet is an indicator of the company’s reliability, which in turn enables strategic growth initiatives.

The company’s mid-term goal is to attain an operating profit margin of more than 20 per cent of the turnover. In this direction it has identified and defined several internal indicators to be used in the evaluation of its strategic and financial objectives. Click on this button to go to top of page

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